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15 Silly Mistakes You’re Making With Your Business Card
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

November 18, 2017

Today, a lot of businesses ignore their business cards; they don’t understand how this little marketing tool can be instrumental to the overall progress of their businesses. They think that the world has gone digital and hence they shouldn’t place much emphasis on a business card. But despite the fact that we’re in a digital age, the business card remains your best bet when it comes to sharing your information with clients and prospects in a more personal manner. You want to look at their eyes, with smiles while you hand over your card to them.

This practice alone can create a lot of positive impressions about your business; something that you can’t achieve when you share information about your business digitally. When you share information about your business digitally, that personal effect that comes with it disappears. What’s important is not only sharing your business card, the more important thing is having a well-designed business card. In this eBook, we’ll be talking about 15 mistakes businesses make with their business cards and how to fix them. Download your Free Copy Below

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