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Essential Features of Web Hosting Services
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

June 4, 2018

Finding the right web hosting service provider can be difficult, yet it is important that the service provider you go with and package you choose should be as per your business – not just as per the present circumstances, but suitable as you grow. After all, the performance, consistency and security of your website rely on the web hosting services you opt for. Choosing an inappropriate service provider can have calamitous outcomes for your business in the long run.

So, here are some essential features of a great web hosting service:

  • Backup Support: Hard disc failure, hackers and software bugs can cause your website to lose important data. So, it is extremely important to store backups on a regular basis to prevent data loss. For this, choose a web hosting in Uganda that backs up data regularly. Apart from this, the control panel must have a direct access to your files so that you can easily download them. Data backup becomes even more important when you create data online instead of uploading content from a hard disk.
  • Proper Scalability: Your business website may receive thousands and millions of visitors when you grow. That time, you will need more storage space for email accounts and databases. A reputed web hosting service provider ought to provide service plans that help you upgrade your hosting account to accommodate all those changes. Be aware because there are some small service providers that offer ‘unlimited bandwidth’, but they simply cannot handle a huge number of visitors.
  • 24*7 Tech Support: If your business runs 24/7, then you need the reassurance of getting tech support assistance all the time to help you in case anything goes wrong. Here tech support does not mean an executive who receives your call, but it means an expert who can assist you and resolve certain problems. Since you have an online business, every second you are offline means you are losing customers. Thus, it is important to check for this feature as well. There are many reputed website hosting companies in Uganda you can ask them to provide some reliable names for web hosting services.