Client Overview

C-Africa is a Tanzania-based business that offers Civil and Construction Engineering, Real Estate Management and Telecommunication & Power services. Their company makes real estate easily accessible to both internal and external investors. And with a Website, they are also making it simpler for locals to fulfill their civil & construction engineering and telecommunication and power needs.

Though,the website was running prior to a redesign was an HTML and CSS site which was frustratingly static and difficult to manipulate without a team of developers leading the way on every small change. The previous site consisted mostly of pictures and had very little writing, which is not appropriate for a website where visitors are looking to be informed in depth about the service they are investing in before making a purchasing decision.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


  • Civil & Construction Engineering
  • Real Estate Management
  • Telecommunication & Power



The Challenge

On C-Africa’s old site, to accomplish a task as simple as uploading a listing to the real estate section, the individual would have to contact C-Africa who would, in turn, give the instruction to their web developer; a cumbersome process to say the least. Inefficiencies like these paired with the badly designed site meant C-Africa was not attracting traffic to its site.

The Approach

On this project, we used our graphics and web design experience and advance knowledge of optimizing sites for a seamless user experience to redesign C-Africa’s website. Our focus was on making the site more dynamic, more aesthetically pleasing & more efficient to achieve the ultimate goal of attracting more prospect’s to C-Africa’s site.


Time-saving with a CMS

The first course of action was to replace the basic HTML and CSS design with a fully responsive site that made use of a powerful CMS. A CMS allowed for users to finally take charge of their own listings and reduce the time spent uploading content from hours to minutes


Dynamic Design

During our initial analysis of the site, we concluded that one of the main issues was how static and outdated the design was. It lacked features which kept the site visitor engaged, grabbed their attention and which prompted them to dig deeper into the site.


Brand Facelift

One we had reimagined their site, we tasked our graphic designers with revamping CAfrica’s brand. We created a new logo which reflected their services more accurately and also designed a company banner that could be used to support their marketing and sales efforts.


C-Africa’s new site enables users to quickly and efficiently upload listings which are evaluated and approved by admins without the need for a developer. By incorporating more dynamic, interactive features – such as images which appear only when a user reaches a certain section of the page -, the website became more attractive and engaging for visitors. With a new website design, logo and company banner, C-Africa can now market its business its business to new clientele and impress them with their appearance alone.


What a fantastic experience. Great communication, great service and attention to detail excellent. Will definitely be using again. Many thanks.

Linda, CEO – Acai Body

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