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How many backlinks a day won’t get me into trouble?
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

July 25, 2018

Sadly, the answer to this question is that nobody knows. Google has not given a straight answer, and anybody who claims to know is merely lying. The right question to ask is how to keep in the good graces of search engines?

What is the big deal with Backlinks? Why does Google care?
Backlinks are crucial because it is one of the aspects Google looks at while giving page ranks.
Some business owners will do anything to build up the page ranks and can sometimes include some black hat SEO practices like link farming.
Link farming is where a website pays a website or company to backlink said website. There are so many companies that claim for a certain amount of money to give you a certain number of backlinks.

Google update called Penguin will flag you if you generate a large number of links in a day for example 500 links in a day. What this Google update does is to make sure these backlinks are legitimate. This is how Google makes sure that the best websites are high on the ranks.

Link farming may not be a bad thing if you are accumulating quality backlinks. Better quality backlinks will yield page rank. However, these companies that claim to give a high number of backlinks usually provide very poor quality backlinks, which will get you into trouble. Google and other search engines encourage website owners to use white hat SEO.

What is a quality backlink?

As a way of fighting link farming, google update looks at the quality of backlinks more than the number of backlinks.
A quality backlink is one from a secure website or website with high views. For example, if X site gets a backlink in a higher ranked News website like BBC, it will rank higher than a company that has many backlinks from personal blogs. This is because BBC is a big website with thousands of clicks and it is reputable compared to personal blogs.
Meaning that a site with a few quality backlinks will rank higher than one with very many backlinks of websites that are not reputable.

How to build safe backlinks daily?

Here are some of the tips to look out to create a chain of backlinks without getting into trouble:

*Get backlinks from reputable websites

Like we have mentioned before, it is not about the number but the quality. The higher the quality of the backlink, the better. Get websites that have a high number of clicks, such as government websites that are known. Getting a backlink from a reputable site is better than a hundred from unknown websites. It is vital to note when starting up a backlink chain. You can find out which website ranks better by using a free tool called, this will help you determine your strategy in the shortest time and did I mention that it is free!

* Get backlinks from the same industry

In the race to get the best quality backlinks, do not go to another industry that has nothing to do with what you do. It is useless for a seed farmer to backlink their website on a car sales website. It will cause negative results because Google is vigilant about such practices. If the backlink is not relevant to your business, then it is better to leave it alone because it will not do you any good. Using the same Monitor backlink tool will reveal if the backlink is relevant to your website.

*Get links from many websites

Well, let’s picture that you have a high ranking website relevant to your field, but it is the only one that you are backlinking. It will still not work because Google needs as many websites backlinking you as possible. In fact, Google will get suspicious that just this one good site says good things about you. There is a need for several website backlinks for your site to climb up the page ranks. Make sure that you reach out to as many websites as possible and not to get comfortable with just a few website backlinks.

*Check SEO metrics

Getting a penalty for Google will hurt your website ranking. That is why is it essential to make sure that you keep monitoring your SEO metrics. The Monitor Backlinks tools are the ones that will help you stay on top of every aspect. Check the quality of your backlinks if you still have authority over the backlinks. Google index status will help you stay in the clear of penalties.

If you follow all the above tips and steer clear black hat SEO practices, you can have as many backlinks as possible without being penalized by any search engine. Make use of the Monitor Backlinks tool and avoid getting comfortable with the number of backlinks you accumulate and keep on building the chain to keep your page rank high.

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