How Online Marketing Helps To Increase The Sales
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

June 17, 2019

Online marketing is the most efficient way to market goods and services today. For every successful business now, there is an excellent digital marketing team sitting in boardrooms, and behind computers to coin strategies. The world has completely moved on from the archaic ways of reaching audiences through radio, TV and newspapers because few people are hooked to the yesteryears platforms. The numbers are tied onto the various digital handles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram and many others. Although digital marketing is not just about social media platforms, it can not be denied that social channels have helped attract more people to the web. Audiences are now easier to reach and direct to your business website, or even your doorstep.

Before the social media bug caught the world, many people thought digital marketing was just about owning a website. It’s more than that, and more than owning a social platform. Digital marketing is broad, and after you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have picked some vital online marketing strategies that can help propel your business to sky level.


Strategies that Increase Customer Value

The web offers many options for buyers. You must lay out and implement unique strategies that will help you stand out.  After you have earned an audience/customer base, the challenge lies in keeping them. And that’s what determines the long-term success of your business. Some of the strategies that could improve customer value are;

  • Create something new that customers won’t find anywhere else.
  • Don’t sell to them all the time, offer value, maybe information or entertainment or offers they can benefit from
  • Be efficient; talk to your customers like you’d talk to your best friend. That’s what makes you present in the lives of your customers. In other words, personalise your brand.


Strategies for Automation

Automating your presence online increases efficiency online, but sometimes it doesn’t produce the desired results. Automation helps you to stay present online even while you’re busy handling other tasks. The right way to do it is through the following methods;

  • Choose the right tasks. Not everything should be automated; for example, day time responses on your social media handles. Different people come with different needs and require customised answers.
  • Employ an appropriate software to do the job; When you’re signing up for automation, it is advisable to use apps like Hubspot, Active Campaign and others. Through such apps, you learn how to do it yourself.
  • Personalise your content/message; while you create an automated message to interact with your customers, the person on the other end should not feel like he is talking with a machine. Craft the appropriate message, and make it seem like a human is responding in real time.


Online Advertising Strategies for your business

For beginners in digital marketing, it’s hard to figure out a starting point while several people doing it already might be doing it the wrong way. We’ll quickly go over the strategies that will help you improve sales using online advertising. Bear in mind, there are many platforms on which you can advertise, but this is an overall plan

  • Create a good website; a website is the home of your business. It builds trust among your customers. Creating one is the first step, and when you’re going to have one, make sure it is well designed. Hire an expert web designer to do the job for you, and also make sure it is easy to browse. Some websites can be too crowded.
  • When you have a website, you must make sure people can find it on the web. And this can be done through Search Engine Optimization. This involves using keywords related to the industry you’re dabbling in.
  • Social Media marketing; if you need something cost friendly, social media marketing is something to consider. There are strategies on how to do it right, but that we shall explore in our forthcoming articles
  • Lastly, consider using pay per click to increase visibility.