How To Keep Your Seo Ranking From Falling
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

July 16, 2018

There are more 130,000 million websites in the world how do they find yours?  How do get people from search engines to find your website? Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is making sure that the people looking for services you provide can find your website organically.   Organic traffic means that you don’t have to pay search engines to show your website. Through using keywords that search engines and other tools that search engines use to pick out the millions of websites to find your website when a consumer is looking for it.  The number that your website shows on the search is called Page Ranking. PageRank (or PR in short) is a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the quality and quantity of links to a webpage. This evaluation helps it to determine a relative score of the page’s importance and authority. It does not matter whichever content you have you should if you do not show up on the first page through SEO. Nobody is going to find you hence very little traffic on your website.  The number that your page shows up to the search engine results is called Page Rank. The higher your page rank is the higher you will appear on a search. If your number has been dropping you might want to check this points.


Major changes made to your website

When making changes to your website, make sure that you are not affecting the SEO plan or page ranking. This can be done by removing important pages that have keywords that Google uses to identify your page relating it to the service you provide. When this is done your page rank will fall considerably because the logarithm cannot find you. If the changes to your website omit major pages that have keywords giving way to the new design accepts like replacing text with pictures and so on.

Errors; If the new website design crashes causing errors then your page ranking will fall considerably. Before going live with the new changes make sure that the website works. Things like sharing aspects which translate into backlinking. The more errors the lower your page rank

Mobile phone friendly; makes sure that your website change is mobile friendly that it makes and also shows the information effectively just like the pc version.

Monitoring; make sure that you are always monitoring for errors. SEO is not a onetime thing it is a constant process. The trends are always changing, keywords, logarithms make sure that the new website change is relevant to the time that you have made.


Loss of Authority backlinks

At first, a page would have a high rank if it had the same keywords as the words searched. Hence appearing first on the search results which was later discovered that wasn’t very relevant. So scholars changed the method to include backlinks. A backlink is basically a reference to your website by another website.  It is a recommendation for your website by another website.  Search engines look at the number of times your website has been backlinked and the quality of the backings. This means that the more recommendations you have the more your website can be pushed up to the very first page.

This backlinking chain grows more and more as the time goes on.  All can be lost when you lose authority on your backlinks. This means losing recommendations. That is people that were finding your page through all these other pages cannot find your website and also google logarithms rank for your page is going to go down because of this. It is important to make sure that the links are still working and bringing in traffic from the various pages.

Black links may be lost if the website hosting your link deletes the posts, the website is no longer active. Sometimes websites do not keep articles and you either have to pay to make sure that your article is still can remain on their website. You can apply tools like Monitor backlinks to send you email alerts when your backlinks are no longer active. You can also lose authority on backlinks if the information is outdated. If the information that is backlinked is no longer viable then nobody is going to be looking at it. It is important to keep on building a backlink chain because every minute there is new information and ways to do things. You can’t rely on a backlink from 2012 in 2018. With new black links being created everyday yours will be buried in tons of others hence lowing your page ranking.


Traffic Drop and competitors

Your SEO traffic may be falling behind because of the keywords you chose are too competitive. This is true especially for small business owners that choose keywords that huge corporations that spend huge amounts of money backlinking and securing these words. This is why it is important to have experts help you with your SEO they will help choose relevant keywords that are not monopolized by big corporations so that you can have a high page ranking when it matters.

It could also be because your competitors are investing in digital marketing applying tools like social media, email marketing, advertising with Google among other tools. They will have a higher page ranking because they are doing more engage the consumers. More people will be looking for their page which will improve their page ranking.

T content how clear and relevant is it to the consumer, web design. Is it easy for your website to be remembered by the consumer?  Do you have videos, pictures, and maps, live chart assistance, Infogrames and a good aesthetic design that is appealing enough for a consumer to come back to your website?  Are you using the best way to communicate what you want to put across? Is your content relevant? Is it up to date? If you do not have up to date information your website will not have a lot of traffic. This is why it is important for a company to have a blog to write about different issues that relate to the field that they are working in. So that more people can easily find your website with every new blog post.


Updates in Google algorithm

These are algorithms are updated more than 600 times a year that is almost twice a day. The Panda algorithm was introduced by Google in 2011 to remove the low-quality websites from appearing first on the search. The second is penguin algorithm update in 2012 was designed to stop high rankings for websites using artificial methods to increase their SEO ratings. Hummingbird algorithm is that focuses on the intent rather than keywords. It means that not just the words but the meaning of what one is looking for. The last major update logarithm is the one that Google updated toward mobile ready to use websites. This means that if your website is mobile applicable then your page ranking will go higher than other websites that cannot do this. The logarithms will affect your page rank hence there is a need to make sure that all your keyword SEO is in order. This means that to get a good page rank you should make sure that your website is of a high quality set apart from the rest. The higher the quality the higher the rank. This should also make sure that your SEO is you are applying is white hat not black because these tactics that are black hat may cause Google to shut down your website.


Search Engine or Google penalties

The last thing you need as a business owner is your website being penalized by Google or shut down. There two kinds of SEO white hat and black hat. The white hat SEO is the kind that is encouraged by Google. This takes time to build but in the long run yield more than the black hat SEO. White hat SEO is encouraged by Google and other search engines and using its methods will get you on the good side of the search engines. Some of the practices of white hat SEO include having relevant information that is useful to the users. This, in the long run, creates backlinks that are quality and also reputable from quality websites. This is important to get people to organically love your website keep coming back so as to reduce your bounce rate, Bounce rate is the rate at which people leave your website just after they go it. The lower your bounce rate is the higher your page ranking. Guest blogging where you have a guest blogger write content for your page and you may be doing the same. Blackhat SEO is one the dark side that will lead to getting penalties. It involves link farming where a group of websites gives each other black links, this also includes copying and pasting content, using keyword stuffing where a website use keywords to get the highest page rank. Among others, these practices may get you traffic on your website but you will be penalized by the search engine.White hat SEO is without risk and well as a more reputable way to grow your business. The kind of  SEO practice either bring your website up the rank or cause penalties.