Why Your Business Needs a Customised Professional Email Address Today!
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

September 5, 2019

Imagine you are browsing the website for the perfect and affordable birthday gift for your loved one. You are mainly looking at sites that offer technology products, and you finally find one. The product brands on this particular website are high, and so are the prices. So you get the urge to purchase two of the products, but you need more information on how the products can get to your destination. You hit the ‘find out more‘ button, only to realise that the salesperson contact email is screaming out; exwizee@yahoo.com.

Would you go ahead to ask for more information?

It’s Perhaps right to assume that you would not go ahead because that email raises doubts on whether you are dealing with an individual or an established company.

“65 per cent of consumers believe a company-branded email is more credible than a business using a free email account,” according to a survey by American based Research Company Verisign. 

So if you have a website that does not provide a customised professional email address, rethink your strategy today; Add one!

What is a custom email address?

A custom email address is one that ends in @businessname.exwizee instead of @hotmail.com or @gmail.com from a free email provider.

Compare exwizee@yahoo.com and pat@exwizee.com

The email address on the left is a generic email address from a free email address – Yahoo, while the email address on the right is a customised professional email address.

Here are the top ten reasons why your business needs a customised professional email address. 


1. Screams professional

First impressions count, whether your business is small or big. A custom email address makes you look more professional compared to a generic or non-branded email address. Your professionalism will make you gain trust from customers who are willing to do business with you. So if you think about leaving a memorable first impression, set up a custom email address and share it with your customers.


2. Serves as your brand

A custom email reinforces brand awareness and creates a bigger corporate image for your business. It helps customers identify and relate easily with your company. Make sure that your custom email appears on all your brochures, posters, banners, company newsletter, products and business cards. Customers will carry out transactions with your company using a consistent email address that reflects your business image and brand.


undraw_Group_chat_unwm-300x203 Why Your Business Needs a Customised Professional Email Address Today!

3. Boosts communication

One of the most significant benefits of a custom email address is it’s value when you want to contact and engage with your customers. And once a customer recognises and is confident with your email, then communication between you and your clients improves.


4. Enhances credibility 

In a highly competitive world, consumers are wary of the messages that come into their email boxes. A customer will unlikely be willing to communicate with exwizee@yahoo.com. An email recipient will not be confident in opening this email because they cannot figure out who you claim to be. But routing your email through your business email address;  yourname@yourdormainname.com portrays you as an established company, increases your credibility and gives customers the confidence to interact with you.


5. Reduce risks of being marked as Spam

Today’s customers are flooded by hundreds of emails each day., creating a dilemma on what to open and what not to open. With that in mind, the customer will less likely open a non-branded email because spammers use free email addresses, creating suspicion. A professional email address is valuable for your business because it is not liable to be either marked as Spam or being sent into the trash can.


6. Marketing asset

A professional email address is a great marketing asset because every email you send out to your customers gives them a link to your website. Customers know that they are dealing with a legitimate and well-established company.


7. Eases team collaboration

Email addresses powered by Microsoft business office solutions like office365 makes team collaboration much more manageable. You can schedule meetings, hold virtual interactions, and manage group calendar schedules. A branded email address with Office 365 or G Suite, gives you access to a set of applications that will be vital in supporting you to manage documents, time and contacts.


8. Separate personal stuff from official business 

A custom email address helps you separate official business communication from private communication. Use a custom email for business correspondence, while communication with friends, family and other non-related business matters should be channelled through a generic email to promote a sense of professionalism. 


9. Ensures privacy and control 

Having your custom email address gives you both privacy and control of your organisation’s communication processes. Your business email address will help you create email addresses for new employees offers you the opportunity to monitor both active and inactive emails.


team Why Your Business Needs a Customised Professional Email Address Today!10. Promotes Team visibility

Your customers will quickly know that some individual works for your company if their emails have your business domain. Customised Emails increase the visibility of your organisation and also attracts potential clients. Each employee should have the ability to change their password and settings. You should hold all the administrative rights so that if an employee leaves the company, you can still access and manage the email account.


How to set up a custom Email address 

Start with a simple domain name.

The shorter the custom email is, the better.

The email should be easy to spell and pronounce.

Decide on a naming convention for all emails for your staff. Typically companies use:

  • Firstname.lastname for example, mayBee@Kukuexpress.com 
  • Firstinitial.lastname for example, mBee@kukuexpress.com
  • Firstname may@kukuexpress.com

If you have trouble setting up a customised professional email address for your business, feel free to contact specialists who will help you with your needs.