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How to Write A Killer Headline | 5 Tips To Make Catchy Title
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

July 1, 2018

In this digital era where most people have a low attention span, you need to step-up your writing game by creating eye-catching, irresistible and appealing headlines in order to keep them interested. The Headline is the most important part of writing an article because it gives the reader a clear insight of what your story is all about. Personally, it takes me a while to come up with the most suitable headline that does the trick. So, if you want to keep readers impressed and remarkably obsessed with your content, then you should try using these tricks, tactics and ploys that writers have been using for decades. They are the ultimate key to helping you create mind-blowing headlines.

1. Begin with a number.

This is a trend in headline writing also dubbed as the ‘listicle’. This headline approach is effective since it is about using numbers to give concrete takeaways. If your audience is in a hurry, then you need to use a number to let them know you won’t take up much of their time. For instance; 10 Ways to Make Beans extremely delicious,  5 Reasons why you should have a website.

2. Use a Question Headline.

Question Headlines are the most commonly used trends today. They yield a lot of curiosity in the minds of your readers especially when they don’t know the clear answer to that question. The aspect of the unknown will pressure readers into clicking on your story to find out more. However, ensure that your question headline cannot be easily answered or dismissed by readers, if it can then they will instantly move onto the next article. For Instance use question Headlines like these; Which Cable Tv Distributor is right for you?,   Leaders vs. Managers; Which one are you?

3. Keep it concise, brief and specific.

Eye-catching headlines usually take readers directly to the point without wasting time beating around the bush. Your headline should also be able to define value and purpose to the readers. In other words, your readers should be able to feel like they will benefit something of substance from your article just by reading your headline. Online readers have a non-limited access to information, therefore, using a short and specific headline should basically be your main goal. This will swiftly get your message out in a flash. Similarly; All 2016 Techno Phone Models, 50% off.

 4. Link yourself to a stable or unshakable brand.

Naturally, as human beings, we are drawn in by prominence because we love to read about famous people, well-known places and popular brands. Familiarity grabs readers’ attention because essentially we all love what we already know and we can’t help it. So look out for any familiar names, faces, places, and brands in your story, bring them out, up top into your headline. For example; 5 things you need to Know about Black Panther.

5. Use Urgency.

Inject an immediate sense of urgency in your headline in order to leave your readers no other choice than to click on your article. You should be able to get your online readers to browse through your content now instead of saving it for later because they may forget to read it. The headline must be able to convince readers that your article has information that just can’t wait another minute without being consumed. For instance; 15 Silly Mistakes You’re Making With Your Business Card.


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