Your business gets a dominant web presence at absolutely no risk
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

September 25, 2018

One thing that usually amuses us is what prospective clients ask when they first reach out to us. And this might amuse you as well.

The first thing clients wonder when they reach out to us is whether the offer described on our pricing page is “entirely” true. They wonder, “Do I REALLY get all that?” Another amusing thing about our product pricing is our competition; customers wonder whether our business is profitable at all! You might wonder the same thing once you get familiar with our pricing packages.


Let’s take the “Basic Website Design Package”, for instance. For our “Basic Website Design Package”, for just $260, you get a fully responsive website, with up to 6 pages, including free hosting and a free domain name for a full year.

But having a website and adding content to it no longer counts for much in the crowded web space and for the sophisticated Search Engines, we have today. Your customers need to be able to easily find your website organically through search engines despite the presence of all other competing businesses. For this, your website has to be intelligently optimized for search engines. So we do this for you; free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site is part of our “Basic Website Design Package”. Although basic, this SEO package is quite powerful and sufficient to boost your business.

Moving on, as a startup or already established business, a website is only the first phase in building your brand identity. After that, you will most likely need a business card, a logo and social media pages to complement your brand. We understand this. So we prepare and design these for you as well; at no extra charge to you!


It’s fair to say that you’re now starting to understand why our prospects wonder if we’re genuine, and why our competition is always trying to imitate us. And yet, we haven’t talked about all the freebies we offer to our clients. Yes, there’s more. All our website design packages come with free customized, etc. To top it off, we also throw in a free eBook that shows you how to boost the traffic to your site to upwards of a million visitors a day.

Now, if you keenly read the headline above, you must be wondering about the “at absolutely no risk to you” part. Yes, all these benefits come at absolutely no risk to you. How is this? Well, all our web design packages come with a “100% Money-Back Guarantee”. If you’re not pleased with your website after all the unlimited revisions, reviews and suggestions we get from you, you get your money back.

So naturally, we’re forced to ensure maximum satisfaction with the services we provide.

Click “Order Now” below, and you’ll be redirected to the payment page. With payment made, that will be our cue to reach out to you and get down to work immediately.