7 Reasons Why Your Logo Is Killing Your Business
Ariane Alyerunga

Ariane Alyerunga

October 17, 2018

Logo is a blend of imagery and text that tells the name of the company with a visual representation of your brand.


A good logo should be:

1. Simple. A good logo should be simple because a simple logo attractive to look at.
2. Memorable. A good Logo should be easy to remember.
3. Adaptable. It should be easy to use in different scales, forms and on different surfaces or different colors.
4. Relevant. It should make sense to your niche. Customers should be able to tell what you do by looking at your logo.

Your Logo could be killing your business if you haven’t put these points into consideration.


Having that is mind, below are 7 reasons why your logo may be killing your precious business.


1. What brand messages and values is your logo communicating?

Your Logo should communicate your core values. The mixture of text, color, graphics, and topography should be communicating what your company stands for. That is why a Logo is important. A Logo could be the first interaction people have with your business; hence the first impression your business gives to a potential customer. It is important not to put aspects that may be offensive to a certain group of people or language that some group of people may deem bad.


2. Is it communicating your business niche?

People should tell your business from your Logo. A good Logo should tell what your business is about from a glance. Your business may be dying just because people simply cannot understand what services you offer from looking at your Logo. It might also be communicating the wrong side of your business.


3. Building trust

Your Logo should build trust. Just like any well-established company, you should be a stamp for excellence and high quality. People should be able to pick it out of all the other just because they can trust that your product is the very best.


4. Creating familiarity

Your Logo should be well designed, in a way that it creates an impression in the mind of the customer. The first time a person sees your logo, maybe through a commercial, advert, billboard or on your product, it should be memorable enough for them to be able to recognize it when they go out to purchase products. The familiarity will cause a person to take a chance on your product because they remember what your logo looks like.

It has been scientifically proven that whenever the human brain sees something familiar, it produces a small dose of Dopamine, a substance that triggers a sense of comfort and joy through the whole body. So, for your business’ sake, make use of that feature that all your potential customers have and build your brand.


5. Attracting attention

Any good Logo should attract attention and be memorable. If your Logo has not been designed well enough to stand out then. Your problem may simply be your blending in with the rest of the companies. A good Logo should attract people’s attention and lead them to a certain direction that you want them to see for example click on your website or enter your store just having big words is not enough.


6. Visual piece for marketing

A good Logo can be used as a marketing tool. We know that a logo is not simply for decoration but it can be. Logos are put on company merchandise. If your logo is visually appealing people will be attracted to your product. It can also translate to promotional products like T-shirts, caps or any other product. Usually, companies give out these freebies for marketing and free advertising but if your Logo is ugly some people will not put on your freebies. Your Logo maybe limiting your marketing efforts.


7. Should communicate premium status

Sometimes when a small business is starting out they will have a very bad logo which looks like it has been drawn by a two-year-old. As a business owner if you are serious about your brand and message you should have a good premium Logo. These are things that people look at while looking for a business. If your logo is substandard they will assume your products and services are too.


Even if your Logo is amazing it will not be able to help if;

1. You have a poor quality product
2. Your brand has a terrible reputation
3. You have no brand name or presence.


You can get inspired by a few examples by clicking here.